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Low student-teacher ratio

Your child deserves the personal attention they need to succeed in their studies. Our low student-teacher ratio allows our staff to cater to your child and their questions.

Christian School District | Hildebran, NC | Reflections Of Christ Ministries | 828-397-3075

Church Leadership

Pastor: Mr. Robert Mitchell
Pastor Robert W Mitchell has been our pastor at Reflections of Christ Ministries for over 10 years. He started this ministry in his home and within one month had to move to a store front building. God opened the doors for us here at our present location within eight months. His ministry is one of great wisdom and teaching.

Pastor Mitchell was called by God at a very early age, receiving visions at the age of five. His first vision was of himself preaching on a knoll with a great multitude around him and with Jesus and Moses on either side of him. Other visions include foreseeing the tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and a shortage of gas in North Carolina right after Katrina.

Pastor Mitchell has a great gift of prophesy and discerning of spirits, among others. Many miracles of healing have been witnessed in our services. It’s amazing to hear the revelation of God’s word as it is being brought forth through his teachings.

Co-Pastor: Mrs. Rita Mitchell
Mrs. Mitchell has served as Co-Pastor of Reflections of Christ Ministries since the church was formed. She, along with Pastor Mitchell, is proud to be the parents of 5 wonderful children and grandparents of 10 boys and 1 girl.

She was called by God at an early age, to minister in song. God has graciously given her a great anointing to lead the choir and congregation in Praise and Worship.

School Staff

Principal – Pastor Robert Mitchell
Pastor Mitchell has always had a drawing from young children. Affectionately called “Pawpaw” by many of the students, he enjoys taking time out of his day to listen to children and encourages them to grow and learn in the teachings of our Lord.

He enjoys challenging young minds to think of creative ways to play with one another, as well as build unity and friendships that they will carry into their adult life.

Vice-principal – Co-pastor Rita Mitchell
Co-Pastor, Mrs. Mitchell, serves as Vice-Principal at ROC Christian Academy. Since our inception, she has served as a teacher for various grade levels. She is currently our Pre-K teacher and is affectionately referred to as “Mawmaw” Rita by many of the students.

Director/Teacher – Mrs. Samantha Rector
Mrs. Rector has had a calling to train young people since her early teen years. She has served in various positions, from ministering to pre-teens, children’s ministry, as well as serving as an instructor at other private schools. She is an experienced youth counselor and has completed training seminars for the ACE Curriculum.

She currently serves as Facilities Director and instructs students from 2nd grade through middle school levels. Providing students with a balanced education that includes a relationship with God, discipline, and love is her primary focus.

Teacher – Mrs. Katie Stotts
Mrs. Stotts has worked in children’s ministry for over 10 years. She has primarily been focused in early childhood development, and has a loving bond that draws many of her students to her. Teaching children to embrace God in a personal way, while encouraging them to build relationships with each other, is a part of her class every day.

She strives to find creative ways of introducing curriculum to encourage children to learn using work centers, instruction, and visual aids to assist with all learning types. She has attended training seminars for the ACE Curriculum and continues to educate herself to provide a positive and creative atmosphere for children to learn.

Teacher's Assistant – Ms. Ruby Bridges
Ms. Bridges, also known as Grandma Ruby, is a true blessing to ROCCA. She works with the preschool students and fills in the school when needed. God gave her a vision of being surrounded by children and she feels that God has placed her here to share that love.

Ms. Bridges is an ordained minister and brings both experience with children as well as an example of dedicated, unwavering faith in or Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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